What awaits you in the Bible Exhibition?

The multimedial exhibition informs about the history of the Bible in the German language and the influence it had on the language and culture. It will also present the challenges of modern bible translation. You will see some unique bibles and handwritings.

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Groups of 6 and more


The following items are on display:

  • Mesha Stele ¹
  • Isaiah Scroll ¹ 7 metres long
  • Soleb Stone Tablet ¹
  • Thora scroll with Jad
  • Facsimile, Facsimile of 3rd/4th century codex and three pages from the 1280 Vulgate bible .
  • Palimpsest
  • Wenzel bible ¹
  • Merian bible
  • Holy bibles
  • Wertheimer bible
  • Monastery biblel
  • Dietenberger bible
  • Dr. Johannes Eck bible
  • Carthusian Book of Psalms
  • Quadrilingual bible
  • Works of Luther

¹ Reproduction